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This site is for the use of UIC students, staff and faculty, as well as landlords who wish to lease property to UIC students.

Notes and Information for this site:

Campus Housing does not inspect listings and a listing does not imply a recommendation or guarantee of accuracy or availability. It is in the best interest of the student to contact the landlord or roommate directly and make arrangements to see the accommodations and discuss any rules and negotiable terms. Users should exercise reasonable care when choosing landlords, tenants or roommates. Users of this website should exercise a certain amount of caution and common sense in responding to requests to send them social security numbers or pre-payments.

If you are a landlord who has previously used this service, use your User Name and Password to enter the site. If you are new to this service, you may register by clicking on "Prospective Landlord."

If you are a current UIC student we recommend that you use your NetID to login and view the listed properties or to advertise a roommate position.

NOTE: This is not using a bluestem secure server for authentication. Please choose any password.

(Clicking on "Forgot Password" works only for landlords)

After you sign in (and whenever you click on "Home"), you will go to your account home page for a listing of your current ads.

If you click on "ID" it will open a new window that displays the full information for the ad
If you click on "Llord ID" it will open a new window that displays the full information for the landlord.

** This database requires use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Netscape Navigator 6.2 will present the data but the formatting will be altered. Previous versions of Navigator will not work.

If you have any questions regarding this site or off-campus housing for UIC please contact:

Commuter Student Resource Center


Campus Housing retains the right to edit or exclude ads for reasons of length, duplication, content, or appropriateness of fulfilling our mission of connecting UIC students to reasonable housing opportunities near campus. Ads should be removed as soon as possible after the housing opportunity no longer exists. Ads will automatically be removed after 30 days; anyone wishing to continue his or her listing after 30 days must repost the listing.


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