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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Applications

How do I apply for Housing?

When you are admitted to the University, you will receive a letter in a packet of information from the Admissions Office. This information is in the form of a booklet and folder. In the booklet you will find information about applying online. Fill out the application, pay the $150.00 online or send a check to the Housing office as soon as possible. For more information, go to Apply for UIC Housing.


What is a priority date?

A priority date is the date your application is started online. If you are not yet admitted to the University, the priority date will become active the date you are admitted to the University.


When will I get my contract?

Assignments begin during the month of May for applications received prior to March 1. Contracts are offered after June 1.


How will I be billed for housing?

Campus Housing charges are billed once per semester according to the contract dates.


How can I cancel my application?

You can cancel your application in writing by e-mail (, fax (312) 355-6304 or regular mail. Our postal address is:

  • Campus Housing (MC 579)
  • 818 S. Wolcott Avenue
  • Student Residence Hall, Second Floor
  • Chicago, Illinois, 60612
  • USA


Wait List—No Waiting!

When will I get my Housing Assignment/Contract?

Assignments begin at the end of May for applications received prior to March 1. The first round of contracts go out around June 1 and are offered continuously as spaces open up.


I heard there was a shortage of housing. What about the wait list?

Housing on campus at UIC has historically been at a premium. In the past there were many more students who would like to live on campus than there were available spaces. We have embarked on a program of building and renovating to eliminate this wait list. We now work to house everyone as quickly and fairly as possible.

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. We recommend you return your application for housing as soon as possible—after you are admitted to UIC to insure your first choice of room. Should we fill up, everyone will be placed as spaces become available for both semesters. Please contact the Housing Office for more information about available spaces.


Roommates/Room Changes

How can I find out about my roommate?

When you receive the contract packet in the mail, it will include a roommate letter with details about your roommate. If you don't get the roommate letter with your contract, feel free to contact the housing office to inquire about your assigned roommate. You may also find out information about your roommate at


Can I live with my friend?

When you fill out your application, be sure to note your friend's name and UIN (if known) on your application. Check with your friend to be certain they do the same thing. After the March 1 priority date, Campus Housing will check for roommate matches. Available rooms will be assigned to roommate pairs in priority date order.


How can I get a single? Can I change my room?

Single rooms are in high demand by our current residents and they sit on a waiting list to get into any single room that comes open. If all current residents on the single waiting list have been offered a single, new applicants may be offered a single.

If you have a contract for the current academic year, and wish to request a room change, visit Room Change Request.


Building/Room Amenities

What comes in the room?

Rooms traditionally come with the following items of furniture per person residing in the room: bunk-able bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe or closet.

Each residence hall includes:
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Free laundry for residents
  • Kitchenettes and vending machines
  • Computer lab
  • Lounges and common areas
  • Walking distance to cafeterias and recreational facilities
Each residence hall bedroom includes:
  • Extra-long twin bed, desk and chair, clothes closet and storage drawers
  • Cable TV connection and high-speed internet connection (including wireless)—additional fees may apply
MRH and TBH apartments also include:
  • Kitchen – Refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven
  • Dining/Living Room – Dining table and chairs, couch, two living room chairs, coffee table
PSR and SSR rooms also include:
  • Telephone (with free local calls)
JST suites also include:
  • Couch, two living room chairs, and three tables


Can I loft my bed?

Yes! Residents who wish to loft their bed can do so by utilizing a loft from Campus Housing partners with to bring residents an easy and affordable way to maximize the space in their room. Visit Bedloft for more information and to place an order. Note: Lofts from are the only form of bed lofts allowable within Campus Housing.


Do I need Twin XL sheets for the mattress?

Yes. UIC mattresses measure 80 inches in length and thus require longer than normal sheets. You will receive information to order through a vendor or you may choose to purchase in the “college section” of any linen store that carries twin XL sheets.


Can I bring a microwave?

While we do not allow students to have microwaves in the residence halls (with the exception of the kitchens in SSR, MRH, or TBH), Bedloft does provide students the option of having a MicroFridge in their rooms. A MicroFridge is a refrigerator, small freezer and microwave combined into one unit. MicroFridges are conveniently placed into the resident's room prior to move-in day, eliminating the hassle of bringing a refrigerator or microwave to and from home.


Does the room have Wi-Fi?

Yes. The Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) provides Internet access to each residence hall room managed by UIC Housing via a wired or wireless connection, on a semester basis. This service is known as Res-Net (Residential-Networking). Detailed and up-to-date information about this service is always available at the Res-Net homepage. For other ACCC services, see the ACCC homepage.

Monthly Fees
  • Network Connection: $40/semester (charged by Housing)
  • Server Services: $5/month (charged by ACCC)


What about cable?

Each room is wired for cable and over forty channels are available for an addition fee. Cable is billed per active cable jack and not per resident, which means each person in the room is responsible for a portion of the bill (unless you opt out of cable by notifying the Campus Housing Department in a timely manner). For more information about cable TV go to the HTV webpage on the Housing site.


Where can I do laundry?

Laundry rooms, equipped with washers and dryers, are available in each hall. The University is not responsible for damaged clothing or items left unattended. Keep in mind that any fraudulent use of or damage caused to washers and dryers is a criminal offense. These facilities are available for the use of residents only: others will be asked to leave the premises immediately.



When is curfew?

Campus Housing at UIC views each of our residents as responsible, growing adults and therefore there is no imposed curfew.  However, security measures are put into place to ensure a safe living environment for all.


How many guests can I have at a time?

Each resident is allowed up to three (3) guests at a time in their room, as long as the guests are abiding by the Guest Hosting policy in the current Resident Student Handbook.  For more information about Campus Housing policies, please read the Resident Student Handbook (PDF).


Can my guest sleep over?

According to the Resident Student Handbook, “an overnight guest must be a member of the same sex as the occupant(s) of the room, and must be at least 10 years of age.

  • Overnight guests may stay no more than three nights in any two-week period in Campus Housing facilities
  • Only one overnight guest is permitted per room
  • No overnight guests are permitted during final examination week



Who cleans and how often?

You do! As previously stated, you are considered adults and therefore responsible for the cleanliness of your own living space. However, we recognize that sharing such a large space with so many people you may not know very well poses a different experience than you may be familiar with at home. So our wonderful staff of Building Service Workers (BSW's), that are responsible for the cleaning of common areas, work in partnership with you to keep the buildings clean. This also helps us to better respect your privacy, though Health and Safety inspections may be done in all areas on occasion.

In traditional style halls, such as CMW, CMS and SRH, the bathrooms and hallways are cleaned on a daily basis, but residents are responsible for keeping their rooms clean.

In other residence halls, hallways are shared by large groups of residents, and so are cleaned daily by BSW's. However, residents are expected to clean the areas shared by just a few residents—their bedrooms and the bathrooms shared among small groups. UIC staff will be in the hall bathrooms in cluster- and suite-style buildings (JST, CMN, CTY, PSR) to replace bathroom tissue on a weekly basis and insure that bathrooms are adequately and routinely cleaned by residents living there. It is vital that the resident and his or her roommates/clustermates maintain a clean, hygienic bathroom. Residents should bring their own all-purpose cleaner, cloths/sponges, toilet brush, glass cleaner, and rubber gloves.

To best meet the needs and desires of residents in apartment buildings (MRH, TBH, SSR), BSW's maintain the cleanliness of common areas of your building on a regular basis, but residents are responsible for all aspects of cleanliness and upkeep of their individual apartments, including bathrooms and kitchens.


Where do we place our trash?

Each residence hall is equipped with a number of trash rooms throughout the building.  Please see your RA to find the closest trash room to your room.  If you have items that are too large to be placed in the trash room, please take these items to the dumpster located outside of your building.


Meal Plan

Am I required to have the meal plan?

Residents not living in apartment-style buildings (SSR, MRH, or TBH) are required to have a meal plan. (Apartment residents can add a meal plan if they choose.) Visit Meal Plans for more information.


What is the difference between the 5-, 6-, and 7-day meal plan? Can I change meal plans if I change my mind?

The most up-to-date information—including an explanation of each meal plan, dining hall locations, hall hours and an FAQ—can be found at the UIC Dining website.


What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements.



How do I get between campuses?

The two campuses are a walkable distance apart, but if you need to get from East to West quickly, the UIC Shuttle and various CTA routes (7, 8, 12, 157 and 60 are closest) are the best option. The Blue Line "El" service also moves between both sides of campus. UIC also provides parking, but this is charged separately from Housing.


Can I bring my bike to campus?

Bicycles may be stored in a resident's room, but may not be kept in residence hall public areas such as corridors or lounges. Bicycles must not be locked to any part of the buildings, but rather stored and locked to bike racks only. MRH, TBH & JST have indoor bike rooms; access can be given by the Area Residence Life Office.