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Campus Housing Television

Cable TV at UIC

Together with a cable service provider, Campus TeleVideo, Campus Housing offers its very own closed circuit cable network providing TV-viewing residents with a complete 46-channel line-up.

To make life a little easier, Cable TV is active at the time of move-in! Residents that do NOT want cable must go to our Cablenet website to opt-out and cancel the service.


General Cable Programming

To see a list of all channels, view our TV Channel List. Wondering what’s on? UIC Area Cable TV Guide.

Cable TV Cost

The cost for cable TV service is currently $10 per month (or $40 per semester) per active cable jack. The cost per active cable jack is divided by all residents opted in who share that jack.

If you live on the East or West side:

  • Single Room — $10/month
  • Double Room — $5/month per person if both roomates opt in; $10/month per person if only one roomate opts in

If you live on the South side:

  • Studio Apartment — $10/month
  • 2-Person Apartment, each bedroom — $10/month
  • 2-Person Apartment, living room — $5/month per person if both roomates opt in; $10/month per person if only one roomate opts in
  • 4-Person Apartment, each bedroom — $10/month
  • 4-Person Apartment, living room — $2.50/month per person if all four roomates opt in

Cost will divided by all roommates who have opted in for Cable TV service. For example, if there are only 2 roommates opted in for living room cable in a 4-person apartment, the cost of cable will be $5/month per roommate.

Each resident wanting to cancel their Cable TV service must login to Cablenet with their own NetID. Residents cannot cancel each other’s cable.

Billing for Cable TV occurs in one lump sum at the beginning of each semester for the entire semester.

For questions regarding Cable TV cost or billing not covered by this website, please contact