University of Illinois at Chicago: Campus Housing — 818 S. Wolcott Avenue (Suite 220), Chicago, Illinois 60612 — 312-355-6300

Resident Resources

Help & Concerns

  • What to Do If… — Solutions to common problems that students may run across.
  • Work Orders — If something in your room or building requires repair, report it here.
  • Incident Report Form — You will need to log in to Bluestem to report an incident in Housing.
  • Printing Quota — View how much you have printed. Each resident is has 750 pages of free printing!
  • Laundry View — Look to see if laundry machines are available or if your clothes are clean.


Student Housing Basics


Work & Play

  • RA/PM Selection Process — It's time again to start the process of finding the best candidates to be Resident Assistants and Peer Mentors for 2013-2014. Start the application process by RSVP'ing for an information session or continue your application through the process (netid and password required).
  • Student Employment — We are looking for a number of good students to fill positions in the Campus Housing Department. See if something fits your interests and skills.
  • Staff Work Orders— Create a work order for a room other than your own *Campus Housing staff only”.
  • Program Proposal — Propose a Housing floor or community program here.
  • Program Evaluation — Evaluate a program you have experienced or attended through Housing.
  • Graphics Proposal — Have the campus housing marketing and design department create promotional materials for your event or program (posters, flyers, websites, etc).