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Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are paraprofessionals committed to working with other students to build strong, vibrant communities in the residence halls. The Resident Assistant position affords students the opportunity to develop leadership and social skills, as well as assist other students in making connections with peers in their living environment. Students who become R.A.s are typically emerging leaders who have a desire to help other students realize the educational advantage of residential living. R.A.s are interviewed and selected during the spring semester for the upcoming academic year.

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors have the exciting opportunity to help first year and transferring students transition to UIC and its residential communities. Primarily, Peer Mentors work to ensure that each first year and transfer student has the necessary information and support to successfully navigate the UIC environment. While UIC is a large urban university, beginning students living in the residence hall can depend on getting a tremendous amount of attention from Peer Mentors to make their transition a success.

Tour Guide

Tour Guides work throughout the academic year and summer, showing prospective students around our Residence Halls.

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