University of Illinois at Chicago: Campus Housing — 818 S. Wolcott Avenue (Suite 220), Chicago, Illinois 60612 — 312-355-6300

What to Bring

Asking yourself what's okay to bring?

Somewhere between the bare essentials and the kitchen sink is the answer! (MRH, TBH, and SSR apartments/suites include a kitchen sink.) While moderation in all things is important, you do want to be comfortable. Students are encouraged to communicate with their roommate(s) prior to moving in to determine what amenities each will bring.

Cookware: For MRH, TBH, and SSR you may want to bring kitchen items (including a dish drying rack). For other halls, small refrigerators are allowed, though microwaves are not. If you want to rent a MicroFridge (a refrigerator/microwave combo unit) from Bedloft, then you should probably bring some microwave-safe cookware; otherwise, leave the cooking to dining services. This means no George Foreman grills, toasters or anything else with an open heating element.

Electrical Appliances: Any electrical equipment used in the residence hall must be approved by the Underwriter's Laboratory. All campus residence halls have restrictions of 1,800 watts per individual room. No single appliance should exceed 1,000 watts.

Clothing: You should coordinate your wardrobe so that it will be appropriate for winter. Chicago's temperatures range from below zero to mid 50's during the winter months. Bath wear, including bathrobes and sandals for the shower are essential.

Laundry is included for all residents! Washers and dryers are located in each residential facility. You must provide laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies, as well as an iron and ironing board.

Valuables: In regards to those very personal and valuable necessities, we remind you that you bring them at your own risk. Since insurance for personal belongings is not available through the University, we suggest you get extended coverage through your parents' household insurance or purchase renter's insurance before arriving on campus.

Also, because it is not possible for us to serve as a "receiving agent" for any luggage or packages that you send ahead of arrival, we ask that you make arrangements for your belongings to arrive either along with you or sometime after you arrive on campus.

Computer: Computer labs and free printing is available in the residence halls. If you choose to bring your own computer, you will need to set it up before you arrive. For instructions, visit