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Learning Resource Centers

Learning Resource Centers are the heart of our academic services effort. Located on campus and available after hours, LRCs offer tutoring services, academic workshops, graduate test preparation materials, Internet research tools, resumé service, and meeting space for one-on-one and group tutoring.


Faculty Involvement

For information about how our Faculty is involved with resident students, visit Faculty Involvement.


Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors guide first-year students through the many different adjustments from the high school to the college experience, and encourage experienced students to become more involved in their campus community. Peer Mentors are students of sophomore standing or higher that have great leadership skills and proven academic success. Peer Mentors also facilitate study sessions for first-year students.


Making Achievement Possible (MAP)

At the beginning of the year, first-year students go through many transitions. Some are moving to a new place with entirely new people. Some have or don't have a roommate for the first time. Some are entering an entirely different playing field in the classroom. Some have never had the independence that college offers.

All of these transitions are a lot for any person to handle at once, and we realize that starting out can be pretty difficult! The MAP program is an opportunity for students to go through a series of questions about how these transitions are going. Our staff then uses this information in programming or following up with students directly. MAP gives us a good sense of where each student is, and ensures that we've connected with them in some way to make his or her experience better. Find out more about the MAP program and how we use it.



Ever been told you had a weakness you needed to improve upon? We all have weaknesses. People tend to be very good at listing what they're bad at, and pointing out someone else's flaws. We spend relatively little time, however, developing the things at which we are most talented. StrengthsFinder™ is an instrument that helps identify areas of talent, and it offers some suggestions to develop those talents into strengths—or areas of near perfect performance.

Read more about StrengthsFinder™ and how we use it.


Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing comprises a number of different opportunities for students to live with others who share common academic interests, including: Art & Architecture, Health Professions, Engineering, Honors, Nursing, Health & Fitness and Career Exploration Floors for the upcoming year. For more information, visit Special Interest Housing.


Visiting Scholar Housing

Find out about how Housing works to expand student learning outside the classroom through bringing faculty and staff into the halls overnight on a short-term basis. For more information, visit the Visiting Scholar Space page.