University of Illinois at Chicago: Campus Housing — 818 S. Wolcott Avenue (Suite 220), Chicago, Illinois 60612 — 312-355-6300

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Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 Applications - NEW STUDENTS APPLY NOW!

Why wait? There are dozens of great reasons to live on campus. Students interested in joining us for spring 2017 and fall 2017, apply online now!

ReApp - CURRENT Residents Pick Your Fall 2017 Room!

AThe Housing ReApp process for students currently living in Campus Housing is open.

Go to to apply, select your room for the next academic year, or for more information about the process.

Providing an Educational Advantage

Campus Housing challenges and supports students in recognizing themselves as unique, evolving, and self-directed individuals who value lifelong learning and good citizenship. Active, involved residents are empowered to further their individual development, contribute to the positive development of their community, value diversity, and increase their investment in and commitment to learning.